CubeBik Points & Rewards Program – Loyalty Program

1. Signing Up:

               1.1.    To earn CubeBik Reward Points, you must join the CubeBik Rewards Program by signing up an account at (earn 50 CubeBik Welcome Points when signing up).

               1.2.    Upon joining you will be assigned an Account accessible only by way of your unique Email Address & Password. You must use that Account when placing an order otherwise you will not earn any points in respect of that purchase.

               1.3.    Each Member may only have one Membership Account. Points of the CubeBik Rewards Program is not transferable.


2. Earning CubeBik Points:

               2.1.    CubeBik may in its discretion and at any time change the number of points which may be earned or the number of Reward Points required to earn a $5 reward redemption.

               2.2.    To view the current allocation of Reward Points please log into your Account.

               2.3     Reward Points will be earned each time you place an order at CubeBik website or mobile app at the equivalent ratio: $1 Purchased = 1 CubeBik Points. For example: If you place an order with the total amount of $100, then you will earn 100 CubeBik Points.

               2.4.    Points may be earned in any one or more of the following ways:

                           2.4.1.      Place an order online when logging in your account via the CubeBik website or mobile App ($1 Purchased = 1 CubeBik Points); and/or

                           2.4.2.      Register an Account as a New Customer on our website at (Sign Up to earn 50 CubeBik Points); and/or

                           2.4.3.      Leave a review about your experience after you have purchased and received your item(s).  (Earn 10 CubeBik Points per eligible Review)

                           2.4.4.      If the order is cancelled, or you fail to verify that order, then no Reward Points will be awarded in respect of that order.

               2.5.        To earn the points:

                           2.5.1.      You must be the person who places the order; or

                           2.5.2.      You sign up an Account on website; or

                           2.5.3.      You write a review about the favorite product(s) after your purchase.


3. Redeeming Your Reward CubeBik Points:

               3.1.        The Points Redemption Radio is: 25 CubeBik Points = $1 Redemption. The table below shows an example of the points redemption:

[table id=1 /]

               3.2.        Reward Points may only be redeemed for a Discount with at least $5 Discount (equivalent 125 CubeBik Points).

               3.3.        CubeBik Points may only be used whole or partly at a selection of Points Redemption Products / Categories which are available by clicking on “Apply Discount” when checking out an order.

               3.4.        This list of Redemption Products is subject to change from time to time without notice.

               3.5.        The whole or part of the Reward Points may not be redeemed for cash nor may points be transferred or purchased.

               3.6.        A minimum number of 125 CubeBik Points is required before redeeming equivalently $5 discount on an order.

               3.7.        You may redeem your Reward Points by clicking the ”Apply Discount” button which will appear on your account or when you check out an order once you have earned sufficient Reward Points.

               3.8.        You will only earn points on the remaining amount of your order after you apply CubeBik points for a reward redemption.


4. Expiry

               4.1.        Reward Points are not redeemed within 6 months will automatically expire.

               4.2.        Any points which you have at date of termination of your membership of the CubeBik Rewards Program will be forfeited.

               4.3.        If you cancel a redemption on an order, points will instantly be allocated back to your account, if not please contact us immediately.


5. Termination of Account

               5.1.        Membership will terminate automatically upon your death and Reward Points earned but not redeemed at the time of death, will be automatically forfeited.

               5.2.        CubeBik may terminate your membership of the CubeBik Rewards Program and revoke all Reward Points accrued.

               5.3.        If you are found to have no activities on at least once in any 24-month period.

               5.4.        On suspicion of fraud. 

               5.5.        At any time and without notice if CubeBik, has a reasonable belief that there is an associated risk either to CubeBik or any participating partners in your remaining as a Member.


6. Customer Service

If you have any problems or inquiries experienced with our CubeBik Points & Rewards Program, please feel free to contact us immediately at [email protected].


7. Privacy Policy

The CubeBik Privacy Policy can be viewed at CubeBik Privacy.

Last Updated: 01 October 2019